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Bopple Printers

Bopple is currently only compatible with Android tablets and the Epson TM-M30 Bluetooth Printer. Epson released the m30II Bluetooth Printer model in 2020, and Bopple is also compatible with this new Epson M30II Bluetooth model on Android tablets.

The Bopple printers will print orders directly from your Android Tablet from the Bopple Orders Dashboard, and as a result, not only speeds up the ordering process, it also reduces order mistakes.

Bopple currently only supports Android and not iOS or iPad or iPhones, and also only supports the Epson TM-m30 Bluetooth printer, but not the Ethernet, USB or Wifi interfaces.

Bopple auto prints one docket per order when order is completed, and Bopple also allows you to print additional order copies on the Epson TMm30.

How to connect the Epson m30 Printer to the Android Tablet and the Bopple app:

  • Insert a paper roll into the printe so that it is ready to print
  • Switch off the Epson m30 and wait for all status lights to turn off
  • Switch the Epson m30 printer back on, and the bluetooth light will flash to indicate pairing mode is ready.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth Settings on the Android tablet, tap Bluetooth off and back on again
  • The printer will now appear as an available device with "m30" in the name
  • Tap on this printer in the settings, and on the Epson m30 printer itself, you will see the Bluetooth status light turn solid once paired.
  • If unsuccessfull, switch the printer off for 15 seconds, switch it back on again, and start the process all over again, this fixes most connectivity issues. Also ensure your Bopple app and Android Tablet is updated to the lastest software versions.
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